Boilies, Bread, Corn….the various baits to use for Carp

Carp will eat a variety of baits on their day, but there are a few favourites that carp fishermen tend to favour. You should always try different baits when you go carp fishing, and always take a few different options with you each time you go.

Even if you do have your favourite carp bait that has gotten you good results before, you never know what the Carp will have a preference for on the day of your fishing trip, so having a few options in your tackle box will certainly improve your chances of catching.

Some good carp bait options

Boilies have long been a favourite with carp anglers, and these days there are so many different types to consider. They can be extremely well scented in many different flavours, and the carp can smell and taste these from a long way off.

So to bait up your swim with some strongly scented boilies, and then have one on your hook to put in the middle of your ground bait has always been a method that produces great results. So certainly something you should try when carp fishing.

Sweet corn has long been a very effective bait to use for carp. It is great to use to bait up your swim, and then on your hook also. It can be used on a float rig, or fished on the bottom with a ledger rig, or even to free-line.

Bread is another very popular bait, and on its day it can be the most effective bait out there for carp of all sizes. It is a cheap and easy bait to use, and it can also be used on a variety of rigs. Fishing with bread on the surface is always a good way to present it to the carp at certain times of the day, when they prefer to find their food at the top, rather than the bottom of the water. There is nothing better than hearing and seeing a carp sucking in in your bread bait, and then striking into the solid fish at the end of it. Highly recommended, and a great way to hook into some decent carp.

Luncheon meat is also another bait that can be very effective for carp. It is another versatile bait that can be used on a number of different rigs. Personally, I love to float fish with luncheon meat. It stays on the hook well, and carp of all sizes seem to really like the taste of it.

Give all of these popular carp baits a try, and see the success you are able to have with all of them. It can make your carp fishing a lot more